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"Facilitate positive changes in your life with leading-edge coaching and counseling techniques"

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Your initial session will be $1.00/minute or $60/session (one hour) and between $1/minute to $2/minute, depending upon your "sliding scale" fee based on your financial  condition.  This will be discussed in your initial counseling session.  You will be requested to complete detailed "Client Intake Forms" to bring to your second counseling session. If you do not want to provide the financial information, your fee will be set at $75/hour. If the "Client Intake Forms" are not completed for your second counseling session, your session will be postponed until they are provided.   They may be completed and emailed to FSN as soon as completed.
You may pay by cash, check, money order, or credit card.  Your session  may be on-line, by telephone, or by office appointment if you are near Montgomery, Alabama.  When you contact us by email or telephone about your session, indicate the type of session you prefer; i.e., on-line, telephone, or an office visit.  We will contact you to schedule your private and confidential session.
Your hourly fee will be discussed in your initial counseling session.  Your most recent W-2's, tax return, and projected proof of projected financial payments must be provided to in your second session to determine your "sliding scale" fee.  At the first counseling session, special arrangement may be discussed for the "Special Client Payment Plan," and this will be determined based on your number of dependents, your income, and your financial condition based on your debts, projected  obligations, and medical issues (and insurance) within your household.  Again, your most recent tax return, W-2's, and known projected outlays for special issues must be provided to arrange a "Special Client Payment Plan."  Proof of these outlays are needed if you want to arrange a "Special Client Payment Plan."  Doctor's letters, signed contracts, or other legal documents may be used for this purpose.  There are no exceptions to this requirement for legal, substantiated proof if your want to complete a "Special Client Payment Plan" contract.