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Encounter Groups


Road to Recovery (RTR), dba Future Solutions Now (FSN), a Family Care Outreach Center, is forming additional "Encounter Groups" in the Montgomery area. David Barrett, the founder and Executive Director participates as a coach and mentor in the Encounter Group meetings. Different Groups are formed based on similarities of participant's information gathered prior to the first group meeting.


The agenda of sessions, goals, and content of meetings are determined by the group in the first meeting of each group. Each group selects by unanimous vote a name for the group. Participants in each group are determined by the founder based on similariities and compatibility of lifestyle, education, and profession. Individual, couples, and family counseling are available with the founder in private sessions. Although some Encounter Group sessions may deal with a particular individual's issue(s), the group makes this decision at the beginning of each session. The meetings are intended to help develop a better understanding of oneself and to develop better relationships with others. Interesting topics that will help achieve this objective are a top priority to the founder, and  nonproductive discussion topics may not be allowed by the founder.


At the beginning of each session a query is made by the founder for a topic of discussion and if agreed upon by the group, the discussion centers on issues a participant and/or participants may be experiencing. To make the selection, three topics are selected for a vote taken by the founder, using parliamentary procedues. The vote is taken by a show of hands. The majority vote determines the session's topic of discussion.


"The good life comes from love and understanding - both in oneself and in others," is the agreed upon motto of each person in each group before they are allowed to participate in a group. Non-compliance or non-accep-tance of this motto automatically prohibits anyone from participating in a group. This is a rule the founder has determined necessary for successful ongoing Encounter Groups engagements.


The founder designed this unique counseling session and labelled it an "Encounter Group" because it dealt with groups of people, their "daily encounters," their interactions in these encounters, and corresponding ways to of finding solutions to impending dilemmas as they arise. It is  unlike any other group encounter the founder is aware of, and has not followed another type of group agenda. It is an organized group of people who have decided they want to improve the quality of life they now experience and their interrelationships by better understanding themselves, other people, and their motives in life. The groups mutually agree their planned strategic approach to achieve goals they accept in their "Group Plan." This is accomplished when participants learn how to always interact in a positive way. It could be called "group therapy" or a "Twelve Step Program," or any number of things, but it actually is a cohesive, coactive group encounter that meets and bonds verr time, sharing life experiences with others they come to love, nurture, trust, respect, and understand. This takes time, but group bonding strengthens day after day as members contribute more to the group.  They attain powerful inner strength as they develop a repected position within the group and they respond with a positive and enlightening persona.


A participant may have no major issues in their life, but simply desires to take time out from a tedious schedule to enhance their life and give something of theirself to another who is in need. Here again is a great opportunity for inner strengthening of one's self-spirit. On the other hand, one may be so overwhelmed with life issues that daily activities have become a malestrom. The Encounter Group help participants build lasting relationships with other in the group. They eventually grow to trust group members as well as developing the trust of others. However, no matter how good life may be at a given time, we encounter times of great trial and tribulation which may be self-imposed or may be brought about by unexpected events that are unavoidable; or environmental castrophies occur like hurricane "Katrina" or "Issac"; wars are endless; tragic automobile accidents bring unbearable grief; these events are too numerous to mention.


If your life is going well you can share your blessings, happiness, strength hope, and courage with other peole and reap the benefits fo having helped a group member who one day can be there for you. This process becomes a two-way street leading to great happiness in life. A wise person once said, "one will reap a bountiful harvest if the seed is fertilized and the seedling is hoed, and watered well" - or put another way - "you will get out of life exactly what you put into it."


Everyone in the group is asked to be a good listener, and to help and nurture one another. It is difficult to listen if you are talking. Non-supportive, negative, and/or controversial participatants are privately counseled by the founder and asked to evaluate their outlook and involvement in the group, and to endeavor to take immediate remedial action. If the consultation does not result in immediate corrective actions by the member the person will be asked to go into another group for a temporary trial period and to have private counseling and if this does not result in a change of demeanor in the participant, the individual will be asked to discontinue involvement in the group and will continue private counseling sessions.


After participating in a few meetings, a member may ask to be placed in another group. This is an acceptable option since there may be conflicting personalities or temperaments in a given group whereby in another group the results may be more pleasing to all involved.