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"Facilitate positive changes in your life with leading-edge coaching and counseling techniques"

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The founder has a chaplaincy endorsement through his church of ordination and is available for public and private chaplaincy work upon request.
Companies, non-profits, and religious organizations can greatly benefit from chaplaincy assistance  for their employees who may be dealing with personal issues with their spouse, children, or other individuals that are detrimentally affecting their job performance and productivity.  Domestic violence and abuse is prevalent in our society.  In addition, many  individuals may be dealing with unresolved grief issues, a recent divorce, financial stress or anyone of a multitude of other mental disorders and/or personal dilemmas that are having  an unfavorable impact upon them resulting in less than optimal productivity on the job.
Lastly, the founder of FSN is available for weddings, funerals, baptisms, and any other Christian sacraments or activities requiring an ordained man of God to guide an event or activity or if you need a simple prayer or blessing of an event  with an introductory prayer and/or meditation, FSN can satisfy your needs.