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"Facilitate positive changes in your life with leading-edge coaching and counseling techniques"

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About Future Solutions Now
The Future Solutions Now (FSN) mission is to provide leading-edge coaching and counseling services to clients.  Clients soon come to better understand their inborn temperament so they "Now" start to realize why they do things the way they do.  Their traits may be found to be quite different from those of significant others in their life, especially with regard to their children, siblings, spouse, lovers, and friends.  At last, they can see their approach to life may be perfectly normal - at least for people with their temperament traits; i.e, they do what they do because of their inborn God given temperament traits.  What a wonderful discovery this can be.
FSN offers many "coaching" and "counseling" alternatives and uses the 8-page APS temperament analysis profile report to quickly understand the intricate aspects of a client's temperament useful in counseling sessions.   The client also has a copy of the APS temperament analysis profile report for their personal use.  For many years it will help them to better understand themselves and their  relationships with significant others.   FSN prefers to do a profile report for all family members, and oftentimes, it is useful to have sessions with all family members if issues are family related.
The FSN facility welcomes people from all walks of life and from all races, cultures, and beliefs.  Clients come to from many different backgrounds,  beliefs, and cultures - who all benefit  from our innovative techniques, the profile report, and "proactive, multi-modal applications.


Being born and raised on a dairy farm involving more than 400 acres of tillable land, the founder learned early in life that success came with dedication, hard work, and long hours.  The family spent  16 hours and more a day milking cattle, and working in the fields planting, cultivating, and  harvesting  crops.   Even Sundays required  six to eight hours work to milk 40  dairy cattle on 2 farms.  Dairy cattle have no days off, nor does the farmer who has to milk them. 


From 1992 to 2001, the founder  completed studies for counseling and ministerial credentials through the National Christian Counselors Association (NCCA) and the National Conservative Christian Church (NCCC), a non-denominational church, and operates under the  dba of "Future Solutions Now" for coaching, counseling, chaplaincy and ministerial services.  The office is located in Montgomery, Alabama.


The founder has had several emotional, enlightening and energizing religious experiences and has mentored and/or  educated with prominent religious leaders  over  the years. These mentors include Dr. Richard Arno, founder of NCCA,  Dr. Donald Struble, NCCC founder,  and the renowned inspirational pastor and evangelist, T.D. Jakes.  These experiences have enhanced his life for coaching, counseling, and  chaplaincy  services to others in need of guidance and nurture.

Client testimonials authenticate the awe-inspiring accuracy of the APS Report. People are always amazed by the accuracy of the report and how well it depicts the aspects of temperament  as they understand their persona to be.  Because  the  report  is  a  powerful  counseling  tool, sessions  and  related  life  coaching and counseling impetus center upon  the  profile report.  It is very useful when counseling since it depicts so accurately what a person is about; what they want to be; and their future desires.  It has a 91%  accuracy if the questions are answered truthfully by the client.   It takes about 15 minutes for a person to complete  the questionnaire, and the report will  be available  to the client  within 10 minutes. The APS Report  is  prepared on NCCA software.
David has administered and utilized many APS Reports in his career, utilizing the report with  nearly all counseling engagements, and has become a firm believer in the critical importance of the use of this report  in successful counseling interven-tions.  Its value in analyzing key strengths and/or weaknesses of temperament in intense moments of client  intervention pertaining to the evaluation of the Social (Inclusion), Affection, and Control  areas of  temperament, cannot be over emphasized.  He is convinced it is the "sine qua non" of successful counseling work.