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"Facilitate positive changes in your life with leading-edge coaching and counseling techniques"

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                                                          Why FSN?

As a prospective client,  you probably are asking  yourself, "Why do I want  the to use FSN for my coaching or counseling  connec -tion?"  This is a good question everyone  should ask when looking for assistance,  advice,  and/or  direction in life.  We welcome inquiries about methodologies, education, licenses, training, and other information that will help you  in making an intelligent  decision;  that  will eliminate barriers; and that will allow your sessions to be up-lifting and meaningful.


To assist you in your search for a counseling  source that is best  suited to your needs, we have  endeavored to provide some  of the elements the founder considers somewhat unique or special about the  proactive delivery techniques utilized by FSN.  The key features in this approach will provide the  comfort  needed by prospective  clients in their sessions.



Clients are offered the following:


  • Ensured client confidentiality and  privacy relating to information  disclosures made in private sessions  except when information revealed by a client indicates there has been or could be abuse of children, disabled or elderly people, or  where loss of life may be eminent.


  • Improved security of confidential intake information  because clients do not have to go to an office where people may see them or  where the  client's records may be seen  by nonprofessional staff who are not guided by professional ethics.

  • Counseling to provide help  for grief or crisis invention issues, substance abuse, depression, anger, phobias, resentments, sexuality issues, self-esteem, confidence, family issues, marital issues, unruly children, and/or premarital concerns without having to leave your home.

  • Immediate counseling and guidance; i.e. available  promptly by email or by tele-phone and availability of a detailed APS Report  in 10 to 15 minutes (see "APS Report" in the menu of web site pages to the left).

  • Special payment arrangements may be made by agree-ment, for all coaching and  counseling services and other ministerial and/or  chaplaincy  work.
David reviewing an APS Report  (Arno Profile System Report) before his next counseling session. 


The founder of FSN, David Barrett, has 2 counseling certifications, a clinical counseling licensure, and 2 post-graduate degrees.  These include an MBA from the University of Wisconsin; and a MAR  (Master of Arts in Religion with a concentration in Christian Counseling) from Bethany Theological Seminary. These  positions include a CPC  (Certified Pastoral Counselor),  a CTC  (Certified Temperament Counselor), and a LCPC (Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor - license BA42417). All credentials are through the National  Christian  Counselors Association (NCCA) located in Sarasota, Florida.


In 1997, he completed ministerial ordination as a Christian Pastoral Counselor and in 2007 obtained a Chaplain's Endorsement from the National Conservative Christian Church. 


David and his wife Gail live in Montgomery, Alabama. Gail assists in his counseling practice and is a valued  administrative and advisory assistant with difficult cases. They share a lifestyle that is meaningful and blessed in many ways.  They are  members of  Christ Church, an Anglican Church in Montgomery, Alabama. Their  five children are grown and lead  productive lives in their home communities. They are the  proud grandparents of eight grandchildren.


New techniques are being researched  to enrich your shared time with FSN.  The founder welcomes pre-counseling inquiries and will strive to satisfy your counseling, life coaching, and cha-plaincy requests for all sessions conducted on your behalf.  If you have a request for sacramental baptism or eucarist (communion), a wedding, or a funeral, they may be arranged in groups or  privately - if you are at home with an illness; if you are hospitalized; or if you are in a hospice facility.