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"Facilitate positive changes in your life with leading-edge coaching and counseling techniques"

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"Road to Recovery" dba "Future Solutions Now" (FSN) is an innovative  and unique whole life  "Outreach Center." It is a cross-cultural outreach serving anyone who is in need of nurture or a healthy lifestyle.  The ministries offered are coaching, counseling, chaplaincy and ministerial services with privacy and confidentiality.  FSN welcomes clients from all faiths, cultures, and creeds and will accommodate human needs requested by an atheist, an agnostic, a Budist, a Muslin, a Hebrew, a  Hindu, or anyone else who may not follow a Christian philosophy.  The same love and respect will be shown to all people who pass through our doors in the counseling or coaching moment.  Sessions may be on-line, by telephone, or by private office visits. . . or a combination thereof in providing  convenience to those people who are extremely busy and working in the highly stressful environment that is so typical in the American day-to-day life; e.g, the client's specific needs are the central focus of each session and the best part about each session is that it does not require an office visit.  If you live near Montgomery and prefer an office visit, one may  be scheduled.  
The founder caters to clients who prefer maximum privacy and confidentiality for their sessions.  It  also provides for at-risk students, special needs people, as well as for "specific needs" of any client; e.g. some people may be unable to make office visits without having special assistance with a wheelchair, a driver, etc. because of a disability like vision-impairment, paralysis, a disorder, and/or a phobia. . or they may simply prefer the comfort and security of their own home for their private sessions.  It is a well-known fact  that traveling to an office for an appointment will one day occur only if medications or physical contact must be made by the professional performing the service.  Computer on-line audio-video conversations are now available whereby counseling and coaching work may be performed live and on-line.  Also, with an office visit  you may run into people you know and may be concerned about someone spreading rumors using a professional for consultation.  FSN realizes some people are extremely private about their personal life and do not want  questions  to arise about  intimate and personal matters.  Such unwanted  and unexpected encounters can be embarrassing and oftentimes occur around offices or waiting rooms.  Have you had this happen to you?  Have you seen it happen to the others or heard of their private discussions or records becoming public knowledge? This can be very embarrassing and can cause unnecessary complications in your life. 
Unfortunately, incredibly detrimental and harmful incidents have occurred  in professional offices due to inadequate internal control and security over client records.  Also, the person you least want to know about your private consultations will assuredly be the person you will encounter on such appointments, and later you may find that everyone knows your personal business.  This occurred because private office files are oftentimes  accessible by all staff, both professional and non-professional, and the later group has no professional ethics requirements or training and may only have been asked to threat all client information with utmost care and privacy.  This supposed protection and privacy may become a mute issue if a news predator has approached a non-professional staff person and offered them financial reward for clinical information relating to  treatments, issues, etc. of a famous person having private and personal issues.  These people may be politicians, movie stars, or doctors --- you name it.  Directives given to any staff person may be disregarded when money is offered for the unethical act of making a client's private information  available to a news predator or private investigator.   As mentioned, in many offices professionalism and security are quite lax and confidential files and records may inadvertently be left open on a cabinet, counter, or desk and be easily accessed, copied and/or read by someone with  "wandering  eyes or unethical motivations."  It can be scary what may be found in any one of many clinical rooms used in professional offices.
Clients may also enjoy participating in an "Encounter Group."  You have several modes of participation to select from in tailoring a truly unique proactive "Client Experience and Plan" for your sessions.   The "Plan" may be designed by the client in a highly structured process as guided by FSN's assistance;  i.e, the individual  sets forth goals with objectives having  strategies designed to fulfill "his or her" unique "Client Plan."   
FSN Special Aspects

To enhance your life and your persona, FSN  offers a unique  approach to life enrichment that you will find very fulfilling.  Coaching and counseling  sessions are available to you by:


  • On-line e-therapy, e-counseling,  e-coaching and/or e-teleconferencing

          may be utilized in your sessions.


  • Encounter groups (or other group meetings and therapy sessions).


  • Private sessions with children, adolescents, individuals, families  and people/couples in convalescent, hospice, or assisted-care settings providing counseling and/or assisting with financial matters, including the payment of bills; income taxes and related filings; Medicare Part A, B, C and D; related supplemental health insurance coverage; and other administrative matters. 


Sessions are tailored proactively to be sure your specific goals are attained and your "Client Plan" is achieved assuring the highest degree of confidentiality and privacy in matters you regard with high priority.


Clients usually find it helpful to  complete the Arno Profile System Report, called an APS.  The APS is a comprehensive 8-page temperament analysis report.  (Refer to the website  "menu" of topics for a detailed description of the APS Report.")  It assists individuals, couples of all ages, and young people in better understanding in-born temperament traits. These traits are the "wants and needs" you exhibit as an individual, and what you need to do to fulfill these desires.  This report is useful many years into the future because inborn temperament does not change over the years.


FSN recommends reading the APS  Report annually on your birthday or if you are married, on your anniversary. Couples enjoy sharing this experience year after year with fond memories of the special things that bonded the marriage over the years.   


Inborn temperament never changes unless you experience trauma or an undesired or  disruptive change in your environment that may have been forced upon you. This may cause you to take on traits of temperament that are not a part of your normal temperament.  This compulsive change may result in excess stress causing non-typical behavior.

It is suggested that you keep a copy of your APS  Report in a safe place like in your safety deposit box or fireproof safe to assure it will always be readily available.

Contact Information
To schedule counseling or coaching by teleconferencing (phone), e-therapy (by email) and/or with private office sessions, contact the founder and Executive Director of Future Solutions Now, David Barrett, by phone or at :
"Future Solutions Now"
David Barrett, Executive Director
Montgomery, Alabama

To email "Future Solutions Now" send to:  
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