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Coaching vs. Counseling 
You may choose to have either "Coaching" or "Counseling" sessions depending upon your goals and objectives as set forth in your "Client Plan" for improving your lifestyle.  These two types of personal interaction  are different in their approach and structure.  A study of their definitions below will help you determine what type of consultation would be best suited for your life and goals in seeking fulfillment and life enrichment.  If you are not sure what you need or want, we can discuss this during your first exploratory session. 
To compare professions:
"Coaching" is for clients who have a healthy mental adjustment and capacity and who are basically successful in their life endeavors.  Having the "mover and shaker" type of temperament,  they are always trying to improve their position in life.  The following types of people find coaching very helpful and meaningful in their life or for their careers:
  • Successful self-employed people, business owners, and entrepreneurs
  • In demand consultants, trainers, and athletic sport coaches
  • Successful leading-edge coaches, counselors, and chaplains
  • Successful doctors in any profession such as medical doctors,

               psychologists, psychiatrists, and PhD's

  • Top-notch leaders, politicians, professionals, and executives
  • Successful key employees looking for an upward career change or

               who are in transition to a higher level of management

  • High achieving supervisors and managers in any type of operation 
  • Successful authors, artists, engineers, inventors, innovators, etc. 
Coaching usually is not involved with past history, but keys into what is possible in the future if certain objectives are achieved.  It is goal-oriented in nature, orientation, and structure. These  people may not be experi-encing anything problematic and/or troublesome, but simply want to improve their life and/or lifestyle, their business endeavors, their earnings, their results, their satisfaction, or they may want to become more assertive  and productive in certain areas of their life.  Oftentimes, they are not  satisfied with their goals or target achievements in the past few years.  Coaching prospects will enjoy the innovative techniques utilized by FSN with "proactive" and "multi-modal" delivery techniques because all sessions are set-up for their convenience with complete privacy and confidentiality.  Their lives, careers, and all related resources will be greatly enhanced and enriched, as well as many other peripheral areas "to help them be the best they can be."


"Counseling" is oriented toward resolution of issues needing to be changed or improved.  FSN counseling sessions are planned to have a meaningful and "proactive involvement" between the counselor and the client.  Some clients may have many issues that are problematic and the sessions will correspondingly be tailored to resolve these or to direct the client to other professionals who can be of assistance with the issues.  Lastly, the client may feel a need for guidance with specific issues such as:
  • Excess alcohol usage (self, spousal partner or mate) 
  • Anger and/or aggressive behaviors (self, spousal partner, or mate)
  • Academic and career guidance
  • Unusual difficulties with children and problem behaviors in children 
  • Personal difficulty with communications
  • Special needs issues
  • Crisis or grief situations needing immediate intervention
  • Chronic or frequent depression
  • Substance abuse issues, including drugs, medications, and others 
  • Marital or premartial issues
  • Difficulties in relationships and self-confidence 
  • Overwhelming Resentments  
  • Violent behavior (where domestic violence may be involved)
  • Issues with sexuality and related identification
  • Issues with pornography, witchcraft, the occult, etc.
  • Other issues such as proper work attire and personal hygiene   


One, or more than one of the preceding areas may be causing a disruptive lifestyle or the issues may be causing your life to be greatly lacking.  There may be premarital concerns that involve substance abuse, religiosity, or there may be other issues or problematic tendencies with one or both of the future marriage partners.  Issues may be involved that are affecting your well-being may lead to financial difficulties and these may be creating stress affecting your peace of mind causing sleep deprivation and a restless nature with constant fatigue.


In counseling, the professional usually delves into the client's past history to review the individual and family background information.  This is usually necessary  to help determine underlying causes for the client's "presenting or hidden issues" that may be causing the underlying difficulties.  This is intended to help eliminate evasive and/or invasive issues that are causing yet other problems and dilemmas - which may result in the loss of life energy essential to your well-being.


If your presenting issues are beyond the scope of the founder's knowledge or ability to assist you with, he will guide you in finding the needed therapy  by referring you to appropriate professionals who will direct  you in resolving the issues.